Story Shredding (a corona concept)

After a long-term relationship it sometimes comes to a point where things come to an end. Usually it hurts, because there are many positive memories and things reminding of good times. But what, if the relationship was one-sided, toxic and hurtful? Story shredding is an interactive art project, that tells people´s breakup stories, while giving the visitor a chance to „shred“ a story, reconstruct it and leave it behind.

The origin of the idea to make this artwork is the artists personal story. After her three-year-long relationship came to an end her ex-partner asked her, why she just could not forgive and try a new start with him. Every word said felt useless, so instead she took a piece of white paper, crumbled it up and tried to smoothen it out again - which obviously is not possible without any creases. It was a very powerful metaphor for the way she felt: A little hurt and modified.The act of destroying and trying to rebuild is also used in story shredding. Like after every other happening in life, we change. We learn. But we especially grow.

On a little podium there is a big glovebox (as might have seen in a hospital), in which a pasta machine is placed. Behind the object there is a wall with a rope – papers in different colors are hanging on it. On these papers there are breakup stories printed with UV-ink. Each story has its own color of paper. The visitor should take one piece and put it through a 3D-printed slot on the upper side of the box, in which there is a sensor recognizing the color. The piece of paper now is stuck inside the pasta machine placed right underneath the slot. As you start to turn the crank that is placed inside the box, a hall sensor notices the movement and makes the blacklight turn on so the text can be read as the snippets are falling to the ground of the box. A voice starts to read out the story that is written on the paper (two loudspeakers are installed underneath the box!) while it is being destroyed. The visitor can now slip into the gloves to reconstruct the story, which will get harder as more and more people already left their snippets inside the box. The voice is getting softer and more quiet as time goes by, but keeps on mumbling until the next visitor drops a new story.